Blue Snowball Condenser Streaming Microphone Review

Blue Snowball Condenser Streaming Microphone Review

When you think of “condenser”, the first image that comes to mind is a huge, square microphone that looks like it’d come with a price tag of $1,000. That’s perfectly plausible, but you should know that condensers actually come in various shapes and sizes.

The Blue Snowball Condenser Microphone is a mic that surely looks like anything but a microphone; however, it is one, a budget-friendly, compact one, to be more precise. Let’s take a closer look at it and see why it would make a nice acquisition.

About The Product

We’ve all been accustomed to those big microphones, but size isn’t everything when it comes to sound-enhancing products.

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If you’re just starting your career as a streamer or a podcaster, this is one of the most affordable ways of getting a clear recording. The same thing goes for young musicians who don’t have too much money to spend for studio recording session.

The Snowball is very similar to a webcam (although it’s 3-4 times larger) and allows you to record podcasts. Also, you can even record music if you are versed enough in audio equipment and know how to make it work for you.

Due to its size, it only has 1 condenser capsule; don’t sweat it, though – it’s more than enough for getting a clear sound. The best thing about it, at least for beginners, is that it requires no installation whatsoever.

All you have to do is plug it in and you’re ready to record. It can be used for YouTube podcasts, live streams on Twitch and FaceTime and is certified by Skype. Here are some of its features:

  • checkCardioid pattern
  • checkFrequency response: 40 – 18 kHz
  • checkSample rate: 44.1 kHz/16 bit
  • checkWeight: 460 grams
  • checkUSB cable and mic stand included in the package

Obviously, this isn’t a high-tech condenser, but it’s suitable for limited personal use.

The Results

The Snowball is great for musicians and beginner streamers and/or podcasters. The quality of the sound is certainly not on par with the price – don’t get us wrong: it’s much more capable than it might look at a first glance.

The voice and the instruments are delivered in the recording software just as they sound in real life, without any of the horrible hissings, cracking and popping that come from low-budget microphones in general.

Obviously, the Snowball isn’t as great as a much more expensive condenser but is good enough for those who have just started creating YouTube or Twitch content, as well as for those who simply need a mic for online conversations on Facebook or Skype.

If you haven’t got – or don’t want to spend – more than $50 on a condenser, the Blue Snowball should serve you just fine until you make enough money to get a more high-performance one.

What Others Say

The Blue Snowball has become quite the hit on the market, with almost 3k positive reviews. Many people use it for casual conversations on Skype, for instance, and all of them have praised its efficiency.

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Other small microphones have a tendency of distorting the audio, but this one does not. Its size is a double-edged sword, in the sense that some customers say it’s actually too big, while others say it’s too small.

In terms of functionality, there are almost no negative reviews. You get what is advertised, no more and no less than that. Even though it’s made of plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap and frail.

All in all, the Blue Snowball has turned many heads around and understandably so, since it’s a nice, extremely affordable condenser that does its job perfectly.

What We Liked

The rapport between functionality and size came as a surprise. We certainly didn’t expect such a compact microphone to get so loud. The design isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it doesn’t make it an eyesore either.

We are convinced that some of you might be taken aback by its looks and what it’s supposed to do, but you shouldn’t worry because it’s a surprisingly good piece of equipment for the approximately $40 you’ll pay for it.

Its sound is clear, it doesn’t need any drivers to work and allows you to do a lot of different types of recordings.


What We Didn’t Like

Right off the bat, we weren’t very pleased with the fact that the Snowball doesn’t have any audio input or output, for that matter. Moreover, it lacks the most basic controls you’d expect from a condenser, even from such a small one.

Considering that it’s extremely cheap, though, we can live with these shortcomings. Some other people might not be as tolerant, but they’ve got the right not to be. The stand is a tad too short, but that’s not much of an inconvenience, at least for us.

Anyhow, for a low-budget microphone, it’s good enough.

Buying Advice

As a rule of thumb, you don’t usually get free shipping unless the product/s you’ve ordered exceed the $50 mark. Against all odds, we were able to get it with 0 shipping fees from Amazon.

Amazon also provides a few buying options. You can go through those and have it shipped from a closer source, so it gets to you quicker. Keep in mind that not all those options come with the free shipping service.

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone


The product costs around $40 on Amazon; on other websites, you can easily pay a lot more than that. Make the right call and get yours without paying a dime more than you should.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Snowball Condenser Microphone is an uncommon-looking mic, but that doesn’t have any impact on the quality of the sound it delivers. We have to tell you again that this is so much better than it might give the impression it is.

Of course, there are plenty of other microphones in this price range, but with this one, you know you get a guarantee of quality (primarily because it’s a Blue). We hope we’ve shed some light on the aspects you were most interested in concerning this microphone.

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